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  • VIDEOS: Gain practical strategies from Kimberly Castle in 6 weekly videos as she guides you through the challenge.

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  • SUPPORT: Reflect on your journey with lifetime access to all resources and 6 months of ongoing support.

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Do you feel like you are not enough? Do you wish you were in someone else's body? Are you afraid of others judging how you look? Do you want to feel confident in your skin?

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About Me

BARE Certified Trainer

Kimberly Castle

I am Kimberly Castle. I have helped women all over the world overcome their body issues and live the lives they have always wanted!

I used to hate my body, but then I learned to live an amazing life and love my body as a result.

That is why I teach BARE and the Body Image Movement. If I can do this you can too. What are you waiting for? Let's get moving!
Weight Loss Coach

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BARE Weekly Classes

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. BARE Daily is a six-week journey. Each week, you’ll find a different BARE Daily theme with video training, homework challenges, audio downloads, and other resources. Remember to follow the course in succession.

  • 2

    BARE Week 1: Why are you Here?

    • Why are you here?

    • BARE Workbook

  • 3

    BARE Week 1: What is your Diet?

    • What is your "Diet"?

    • What is your "Diet" Inventory?

  • 4

    BARE Week 1: What is your Story?

    • What is your Story?

    • BARE Guided Meditation

    • BARE Week 1 Slides

  • 5

    BARE Week 2: How are you Eating?

    • What are you hungry for?

    • Types of Eating Journal

  • 6

    BARE Week 2: How are you Moving?

    • Get your Movement on!

    • BARE Week 2 Slides

  • 7

    BARE Week 3: What are you Wearing?

    • BARE Week 3 Closet Detox

  • 8

    BARE Week 4: Are you paying Attention?

    • BARE Week 4 Attentive Eating

    • Tedious Powerful Worksheet

    • BARE Week 4 Slides

    • I Am- Fill in the Blank

  • 9

    BARE Week 5: Are you being Seen?

    • BARE Week 5 Be Seen

    • Redefining Beauty - Dove Selfie Video

    • Video: Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies

    • BARE Week 5 Slides

  • 10

    BARE Week 6: What are you thinking?

    • BARE Week 6 - Mind Detox